adaptive management & reporting software

fu3e. is intuitive, configurable, easy to use and deploy as a
digital workplace application.

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fu3e. offers collaborative work management, supporting business users in work planning and execution, using real-time portfolio views and supporting dashboards through a
‘single pane of glass’.


Built by executives for executives.

fu3e. is an adaptive management and reporting technology deployed via software as a service (SaaS).

fu3e. offers a digital workplace application to customers looking to replace their outdated reporting tools and technologies that do not satisfy their current needs.

fu3e. reduces customers’ key frustrations in;

  • disconnected email, spreadsheet and word-processing
  • time reporting technologies that support their business processes that are considered unsustainable or not scalable in their current or future working environment.

increase productivity & efficiency from management teams.

fu3e. is a digital workplace application that provides comprehensive management controls in real-time.

Our software reduces the amount of manually out-of-date reporting information.

fu3e. offers flexibility and in the modern era, the ability of remote working, lowering customer’s cost base and removing key pain points in business process and reporting.

key customer benefits:

  • Risk – evaluate
  • Performance – understand
  • Problem solving – uncover insight
  • 100% data residency – instant access
  • 30-40% management time – increase efficiency
  • Cost base – reduction
  • Reporting – improved visibility
  • Forecasting & trends – predict future performance
  • ESG – ability to reduce significant levels of metric tons in CO2 from site inspections
  • Consistency – in process and bespoke reporting
  • Transparency – greater transparency and control
  • Compliance – full audit and red flag reporting
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Faster and more accurate daily tasks improve
productivity and revenue. Customer survey.

100 %

Time saved if all manual and repetitive tasks
unique to your business are automated. Customer survey.

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Of customers said fu3e. gives them better
into the health of their projects.

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Return on investment (ROI)

Your ROI based upon £50 per hour
baseline cost per user.

Thousands of documents and millions of pieces of information are integrated using real-time portfolio views and supporting dashboards through a single pane of glass, with immediate information access to the minutest detail.

fu3e. adaptive management and reporting software supports business solutions and provides customers with an immediate 20/20 vision of what’s critical, unparalleled insight and 360° oversight at their fingertips.







environmental, social & corporate governance
– ESG.

Using fu3e. as your digital workplace application, can significantly reduce the impact in CO2 emissions, forest depletion, cut energy use and climate change emissions, limit water, air and other pollution and produce less waste.

How? When deployed in real-estate development for example, fu3e. offers users reduced need to travel to locations for progress inspections, improves efficiency and offers flexibility in remote working for teams.



Metric tonnes of CO2e savings
per year per 5,000 projects

*average 30 metric tonnes per development project

collaborate, analyse & deliver business solutions.

Our proof of value concept process is clearly defined in seven stages. These allow our customers to familiarise themselves with fu3e. and for us to showcase the benefits it has to offer and potential return on investment.

Our process evaluates the impact of management performance of a business and how to attain competitive advantage by boosting document integrity, streamlining access to document based content, and reducing cycle time across multiple business processes.

projects are defined as your business ‘requirement’.

You may have more than one project, these are your hierarchies, which allow you to organise key stages and teams from your business needs, contained
within your project “bubble”.

Projects can also feed upstream to departments or divisions, all the way up to board level and stakeholders.

The project hierarchy is the foundation for building a strong strategy for your whole business needs.

enables executives across your enterprise to make the right decisions & stay ahead of change.

Automate reporting and processes, providing real insights using real-time portfolio views and supporting dashboards through a
‘single pane of glass’.

Designed for the executive, manager or professional in supporting business users in work planning and execution.

increasing productivity & efficiency in management teams.

Even industry leaders are making decisions without complete information, or they’re forced to make decisions too late when critical issues have already impacted timelines.

The old process of collecting information from fractured groups of stakeholders is highly manual, time-consuming and rarely tells the full story of where a “project” is lagging, and why.

fu3e. allows teams to undertake daily tasks in a collaborative work management approach.


current operating countries.

£ 0 billion

of gross development cost being monitored and reported on.


asset classes.

partnering our customers.

fu3e. is committed to providing the highest quality integrated solutions for our customers; business solutions that mirror our customers’ quality, profile and expertise.

Energy, financial, government, industrial & manufacturing,
infrastructure, IT, media & communications, real estate, retail, science and pharmaceuticals.

Funds (LP & GP), management & professional consultancy, and organisations with ISO or similar accreditations.